It made me cry when I put it on

The Best and Most Comfortable

ET is breaking down all the must see standout style moments from the 2021 Golden Globes.

Video Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags TranscriptNISCHELLE TURNER: Golden Globe nominee Sarah Paulson looked anything but “Ratched” in her black Prada gown, and check out that purple cast. That was custom Prada as well The girl just does not miss for me. So was Cynthia Erivo in neon green Valentino and sky high platforms. While pregnant Wonder Woman Gal replica louis vuitton bags Gadot gave us legs for days in Givenchy. Kaley Cuoco’s pre Globe prep included a dance party before she transformed into a literal princess.

KALEY CUOCO: My dream gown. It made me cry when I put it on. I feel like Cinderella.

NISCHELLE TURNER: The “Flight Attendant” star didn’t win, but still celebrated with the pizza party on the floor in her Oscar de La high quality designer replica handbags Renta dress. And speaking of snacks, just call her cheese plate Kate. Miss Hudson handled charcuterie in custom Louis Vuitton. The handmade dress took 190 hours to complete with 4,000 sequins, 4,000 high quality replica handbags china glass beads high quality replica handbags china high quality replica handbags china , and 2,000 crystals. Nicole Kidman and Regina King also wore the designer and in the category of “why we’re just one dress when you can wear two?” Anya Taylor Joy.

ANYA TAYLOR JOY: We’ve treated this entire experience as prom, because I never went to prom. So we’ve had a really good time.

NISCHELLE TURNER: The “Queen’s Gambit” star went full glam in Dior, a million dollars of Tiffany diamonds, these chess inspired nails, and long blond locks. Do you miss the red hair?

ANYA TAYLOR JOY: Yes, I do. But I have a feeling I’m not going to miss it for much longer, so that’s OK.

AMY POEHLER: Jane Fonda.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Jane accepted the night’s big honor wearing a pantsuit from 1996. In 2019, the 83 year old swore off buying new clothes. We’ve seen those shoes before too. January Jones also recycled an outfit. She and Mad Men co star Kiernan Shipka recreated their Globe looks from 10 years ago. Viola Davis made a statement in this colorful mermaid gown by African designer Lavie Byck. And Amanda Seyfried snacked on Girl Scout cookies before slipping into aaa replica designer handbags this stunning sorbet number with floral detail.

GILLIAN ANDERSON: The dress looks good from the waist up, and that’s all that really matters.

NISCHELLE TURNER: Something you didn’t see on TV, the crown star Gillian Anderson’s hot date. Her pup, Stella. Gillian’s co star Emma Corrin went for a different look, wearing a large collared gown she says was inspired by clowns. Meanwhile, men’s casual was a thing at the Globes. Joaquin Phoenix presented in a hoodie. Bill Murray 1:1 replica handbags went viral for his laid back book, holding a Martini in a Hawaiian shirt. And Jeff Daniels had Twitter talking about his dad plaid shirt and a room of doors. But it was Jodie Foster who was living her best life, rocking Prada PJ’s that matched her pup.

Is this the most comfortable outfit you’ve ever been able to accept an Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags award in?

JODIE FOSTER: The most comfortable and very beautiful. So I’m super excited. This is the best Globes ever.

Not Me Doing a Middle Part Because the Youths on TikTok Told Me To

Up until last week, parting my hair to the right just felt like the natural order of things, like throwing an empty tin can into the recycling bin or washing everything but your bra on laundry day. Then I learned about the debate dividing TikTok and Instagram, in which gen Zers were claiming that if you do it any other way but right down the middle, you are, in fact, old as Moses parting the Red Sea. When we polled POPSUGAR editors on their stances, it was confirmed: the side part is indeed a Very Millennial Thing to Do. Anyway, flash forward to today and my current hair regimen feels more like the meme of a little girl crying into the mirror with the words, “Putting my hair in a middle part after a shower so gen Z doesn call me ugly” replica designer handbags at the top. Despite my proud accomplishment of not having caved to any TikTok trend yet, I weirdly wanted to try this elusive style I thought only looked good on people like Kim Kardashian but somehow captured the hearts of youths everywhere. It would become my mission to at least attempt. Although, let me be clear: this was no easy feat, at least not for someone with a widow peak that by nature splices my hair slightly to one side, let alone 16+ years of blow drying my roots into submission in one direction. When I first uploaded a video of my efforts to try the middle part to my Instagram Story, you could tell something looked… off. “But Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica look at that volume replica louis vuitton bags from china ,” my sister responded. “On one side and one side only.”The Very Best replica louis vuitton Watches From the 2021 Golden Globes, Including Justin Theroux’s Extra Special Rolex

Congrats to us for plodding through the first, and hopefully only, pandemic edition of the Golden Globes. Thanks to choppy wireless connections, broadcasts from both coasts, and a startling lack of diversity from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association responsible for the event, the results were predictably “messy.” Not messy: the celebs who decided to turn up to the event on the red carpet, even if they Zoomed into the event. The fits were excellent, and 1:1 replica handbags embraced a principle we hold dearly at GQ: you can’t really have a 10 out of 10 fit without a great watch to finish it off.

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